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  • Noise issues

    I recently picked up a 2016 build rev1 bitbox and I am having 2 different noise issues.

    Issue 1 - The modules physical hardware seems to be emitting a faint and very high pitch frequency. I say the physical hardware because I hear it when nothing is patched. I have seen another post talking about this and it was recommended that the module be tested with firmware 1.3.6 which I did and the noise went away. I obviously don't want to use the old firmware so I am wondering if the latest firmware can be updated to fix this noise?

    Issue 2 - When I plug the audio outputs from bitbox to my external mixer it performs very well, little to no noticeable noise floor and a nice strong signal. However, if I run the bitbox through any of my eurorack mixers or effects (Befaco ST Mix, Ryo Ampmix, Mutable Clouds, uDervish) I get a large amount of digital garbage noise appearing on the audio output. I have no such issues with any other modules in my system.

    I am aware of noise issues on these early builds pertaining to high voltage gates bleeding to the audio output but what I am experiencing is a bit different. Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!

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    which firmware versions have you tried so far?


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      I have triede the beta for version 3, that was very bad. Right now I have version 2.5.2 installed and issue 1 and 2 are present. I tried version 1.3.6 and only issue 2 was present. I also tried 2.1.0 and issue 1 and 2 were present.