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  • Beat Step Pro and Bit Box

    Hello. When I fire up the Beat Step Pro I noticed I can trigger all of the main page samples in the bitbox by midi, but only from the Control Channel in the Beatstep Pro. I would like to be able to do this from the drum channel. So far I only know how to trigger slices in this way, but I would like to have each pad fire off a cell by midi while in drum mode.
    Thanks for the help.

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    Please check the configuration on your BeatStep Pro. Make sure it is using the defaults for the drum part: MIDI Channel 10 with note outputs starting at note #36. The Bitbox is set up to accept this as triggering a cell for each drum pad.


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      Thanks I got it working.
      Ok is it possible to use seq 1, seq 2, and the drum channels only by midi to control say cell 1-8 (for drums) and then two (or more) cells by midi only ? When I try this I find that the drum channel is still triggering the cells that I want to be exclusive to their own channel.


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        I am sorry to say that the channel 10 MIDI drum support is hard coded and cannot be shut off. While you can use the seq 1 and 2 to control other cells, those cells will also trigger from channel 10.