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Bitbox 3.0.1 can't select any of the ext. cells

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  • Bitbox 3.0.1 can't select any of the ext. cells

    So I have reinstalled the latest firmware several times over the past couple of weeks hoping that this bug would be addressed but it seems like it hasn't so I want to check and see if this happens with anyone else using the latest firmware.

    I typically use one of the ext. cells to be a trigger for recording and another for CV modulation of some parameter, but I record into the bitbox for looping constantly so this has become a big issue. I boot up the new 3.0.1 firmware and everything seems to work great, however when I click on any of the pads that are for Ext.1-Ext.4, the highlighted pad symbol disappears and the selected Ext. cell doesn't open, it just acts like I never even pressed it. When I click the info button to open up the pad preferences, it gives the typical menu for all the other pads but no option to select the function of this ext. cell, ie. record or custom. Am I missing something and this has to be done in a different way? If anyone else has been able to fix this issue please let me know, thanks.

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    Hi yes i can reproduce this . the external inputs are not working at all with 3.01 , they basically do nothing which is a shame for layering drums .
    Can anyone else confirm please as it's left the four sockets with no function
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      The functionality for the EXT cells has changed in 3.0.1. There are several reasons for this on our end that relate to what is going on under the hood, so to speak. Aaron might be better to explain the details of this. The EXT cells are not selectable like they used to be and some of their functions have been removed. The pad parameters that appear when you press INFO is a bug that has been reported and will be addressed at some point.

      Thanks for reporting


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        Okay I got it, so currently with 3.0.1 is there a way to record using external triggers?

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        Unfortunately, no.