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Weird "bitcrush" effect on kickbass samples form any out

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  • Weird "bitcrush" effect on kickbass samples form any out

    Today shuffling the new samples that i loaded in the bitbox i realized that all the kickbass samples that i load has a weird "bitcrush" effect on the samples.. I paste here a link with the original version of the kick and the one coming out from the bitbox to let you understand.. the trouble comes on all the outputs, with no other modules invonlved, without no other module plugged on the case.. no idea how to solve.. the firmware version is up to date... any advice?


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    Hi. In my experience, distortion can be tamed by trying different gain setups. The "Mix" page as well as the "MasterVol" setting in the "Tools" page are useful for this. Also, you could try to reduce the sample's gain in any software before loading it in the module.

    BTW, I didn't hear much difference between the audios you shared. Nice kick though.

    Anyway, hope this helps. Cheers!


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      Sorry for my bad explaination.. It Is not a distortion, its a metallic/ high background, its very subtle you must use headphones, import the two kicks in a daw and loop them to hear it.. i obvously tryed to change volumes in all the possible ways and i am sure that theres nothing between the bitbox and my rme fireface802. Thanks for answering.


      • Steve
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        where did you find the original sample? I hear the metallic sound - not the bit-crushed sound.

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      @steve that kick comes from my computer.. its done with kick2 its a normal wav 24bit sample.. but its an example, with other kicks its the same.. the out from the bitbox its altered...