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two recurring issues Im having, please tell me this is normal or there are some fixes

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  • two recurring issues Im having, please tell me this is normal or there are some fixes

    ...or if I have a faulty machine...


    So I purchased my BB brand new from Sweetwater a few weeks ago but haven't had that much time to actually get down to business with it and in that time have found three primary issues that keep happening that def dont seem like normal function, please let me know your thoughts:

    1. often times I am playing cells by hand or via triggers and two or three cells keep triggering when they are not being triggered nor touched and this might happen for a while as though there are "ghost triggers" being sent to the cells. most often this is happening when I touch or trigger the cell located at Midi # 37 (which usually responds fine) the cells at Midi # 44 and 40 either get triggered automatically along with this one or they keep playing weird ghost rhythms and these will go on for a long time, i have filmed it its kind of creepy, would attach/upload but I think you get the gist (so will attach if necessary).

    2. I find sometimes when I am loading samples I will come to a sample slot in a folder I have loaded and no sample will visually load and no sound will come, then other folders may work just fine and this issue may be fine with that sample in question but then I may have the same issues with more folders, you see the folder name and then there is nothing in the folder, or you see the sample name but when you load it nothing loads or plays..

    this really sucks for both of these issues I have turned off and on usually when this has happened but it just keeps happening if not automatically when the bb comes back on or when I load the preset then some times later

    Thanks for reading/giving me your thoughts or suggestions on this in advance, I am using the newest version of the firmware...

    Sorry if this post is inappropriate, eg if I was supposed to have done it some other kind of way but Im frustrated right now and just felt like I needed to post it right now...


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    That sounds pretty awful. We will figure something out.

    First, please try downloading the latest version again and reprogramming--to rule out any issues with a bad version. The most current version is 2.0.1. Please also reformat your microSD card or try a different card to eliminate that possibility as well.

    Regarding problem #1, is this a touch screen problem or a MIDI problem? Perhaps try disconnecting the MIDI to see if it continues.

    Regarding #2, that sounds like a file system or microSD problem. Please try another card if possible.

    What's the third problem?

    Sorry for all the trouble. These issues are not normal and I haven't heard of them before.


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      Hi Aaron, thank you very much for the response, I will be away from my home for a while so I won't have the opportunity to try these things out until later tonight, there is no Midi devices being connected/used when I'm having these troubles. The third issue I went back and forth on posting about it but I guess I use the wrong draft of the post basically I think I'm having some screen touch response issues but I might just be standing too far away from the screen so this might be an issue of my perspective as I touch / tap the screen but this has been somewhat recurrent as well... Thanks for your response and I will follow up with you later, shall we remain on the Forum or would you prefer I email you directly? Regardless I appreciate the help!


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        For touchscreen issues, please try the following:
        1) Remove the unit from the rack
        2) Find the two ribbon cables coming from the screen around the back into the PCB.
        3) Make sure the smaller one is fully seated in the connector, You can pull it out and put it back in. This cable is for the touch functionality.

        If that doesn't work out, please email me directly and we will figure something out. You can use the contact us form on our website to reach me.

        Thank you for your support.


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          Awesome thanks Aaron, I will try these solutions/suggestions tonight and let you know my progress via the contact us form. I did see in the Forum a suggestion for the sample loading issue, re Disk Clean Up in Windows and I found that in my version of Windows (8) that option is there but not available for my card, or it may have already been done... Just stating this for informational purposes