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  • Track Exclusive Logic

    Is there a priority on the exclusive setting on the track? I would like to use it to trigger a High Hat Closed sample and cut off the High Hat Open sample on the same track. The problem I am having is the High Hat Open sample being triggered cuts off the High Hat Closed sample so it sounds clipped off. Is there a way to say one cell has priority in the track exclusive behavior?

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    Not at the moment. Exclusive mode chokes every sample in the column when a new one is triggered.


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      I believe this is also the way other gear works with a choke group: starting one sample stops another. Let me know if you have seen otherwise. Thanks for the discussion.


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        Yeah... at first I could not get it to sound like a high hat opening and closing ... things sounded clipped. But I eventually figured out how to organize the involved trigger lengths and it started sounding better. I will mess with it some more.


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          Glad to hear it. You may also want to try working the release time.