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  • Copy and Paste ?

    I did not see anything in the manual about copying samples from cell to cell but wanted ask. Maybe this post should be in the request section.

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    Hi Chess1,

    Bitbox doesn't allow you to copy samples from one cell to another. You can configure more than one cell to use the same WAV file. However, John Jumper has created a Mac based tool that can be used to edit preset configurations, including copying cells. That would involve moving your presets onto your computer and then back onto the microSD card, which we recognize is less than ideal. Below is a link to John Jumper's post about the Mac editing tool.

    If you would like to see this feature added to bitbox, please post a request in the wishlist forum.

    Thanks for your question!

    P.S. Happy Pi Day! (3.14)
    I thought there might be some interest in this video I put together. I have worked on this editor for the last two weekends. As a developer I like to work on