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  • "AUTO PLAY" issues

    Hi ! First day testing the Bitbox, I need a looper to record and play synth sequences in a live show, perfectly in sync with ext. drum machines. I noticed that for most of the synth loops a quantization at 1/2 is fine. Though, the mini drifts are noticeable and unpleasant when playing back "fast arpeggios" kind of sequences (those need prefect clocking). after trying all quantizations I noticed 1/8 is the best for those kind of sequences (tighter than this is affecting too much the original groove of the sequence).

    The problem is that it seems that AUTO PLAY (after record cylce is over) does not work for quantizations tighter than 1/2 ? It does not work for QUANT= 1/4, 1/6, 1/8 etc unless I misunderstood something? If not is there any way to fix this ? I can sure trigger the recorded sample with a gate or manually but this is changing a lot the work flow when playing live.... (was the firmware 1 behaving similarly with tight quantizations or by any chance will I fix this installing the old firmware ?)

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    Hello Lucky,

    It sounds like you are confusing two different but very similar sounding settings:

    The Quant Size and Sync settings in the clip parameters control how playback works. The sync is especially important when playing loops at a tempo significantly different than the recorded tempo. Playing with the sync setting will impact how arpeggios sound and 1/8 sounds like a good setting for tempo shifting that kind of material. 1/16 may also be good.

    When recording, the Rec Quant determines the size of the grid for starting and looping clips. 1 bar is the most common setting. Once making a recording, the sync, is typically set to 1-bar. Unless you change the tempo after recording, the loops will be at the same tempo as the rest of your project and a Sync setting of 1-bar will sound good. In other words, you won't hear the difference with a smaller setting because the tempo is already the same.

    Getting back to the issue you mentioned, yes the auto play does not work any finer than 1/2. This is a known issue. I don't recall the exact reasoning behind it. The 1.x firmware doesn't have autoplay and a number of other features, so I don't think you'll be better off with it.

    Please tell me more about your situation. Do you really need Rec Quant smaller than 1/2 or is your issue that you aren't happy with the Sync setting following the recording? Thank you for your support.


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      absolutely, sorry I found out today, second day with the module I knew I shouldn't post those questions after only 1 day with the Bitbox and without reading the entire manual ......thanks a lot for replying though
      So, yes REC Quant at 1 bar or 1/2 is fine so "auto-play" solved.
      I never change the tempo, and the clock generator is an ERM Multiclock it is usually very stable, so when sync is at 1 bar 90 percents of my synth loops are in sync and all goes fine, but again those faster arpeggios, don't know if this is important at all here but let' s mention that they have very fast and precise attacks and lot of shuffle but they tightly groove with the shuffles of the drum machines. so, those are finally perfectly grooving since I did set the sync at 1/8. Or, I might again be writing affirmations before I tested it enough ........ I can keep you updated, will try again tomorrow all possible sync settings with those arpeggios. If it happens that the conclusion is confirming that for some loops I should use SYNC set at 1/8, is there a way to save the sync settings of the(or some of the) clips while they are still empty, as a preset, so I don't have to manually set the sync for every loop after recording them (again I plan to use it mostly for live shows so less actions requiered=better), it seems that sync setting can be done only after the sample is recorded, but hey now I should def read the entire manual before I keep on asking questions here. Very happy anyway to have the bitbox grooving like it should and sounding so good, it stays in my rack for sure thank you for this nice device !