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Zipper digital sounds when using the WMD Sequential Switch Matrix

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  • Zipper digital sounds when using the WMD Sequential Switch Matrix

    I am using the SSM as a sequencer right, I am running trigger lines from the peg, and math to the 16 different sample triggers on the bitbox. I am sometimes getting these digital zipper type sounds when I change the patterns. I am not sure what exactly is happening, besides the obvious which is that I am hammering a sample with retriggers and too man lines at once.

    Just curious if someone can give me some insight and best practices here. I did not have this issue with the Beatstep pro.


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    When you say zipper noise, do you mean you hear audible jumps in the volume or pitch? Or do you mean that the audio is dropping out?

    I'm guessing you are overloading the box by playing too many samples at once. How many are active?

    Thank you


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      I am thinking this is what I sometimes hear, namely that when I trigger the Bitbox with trigger sources that output too high a voltage, the bitbox adds "glitch" og "zipper" type noises to the output. I had to buy attenuators just to get rid of this trigger noise.


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        I think I have found two causes for this glitching digital sound. 1. Overloading the sample cell with near audio rate triggers. 2. mixing triggers causing the voltage to go too high ?


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          And I am maxing out the polyphony.


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            Sounds like you figured it out. Let us know if there is anything else we can do to help.