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Bitbox MK1 shutdown

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  • Bitbox MK1 shutdown

    has anybody problems with firmware 3.04 on bitbox mk1?
    I was playing and live-looping with my bitbox, had Ext1 + Ext2 for triggering the Record. I saved all the settings, switched it off and everything went fine. After half an hour of playing, bitbox suddenly switches off and starts again. After that, I couldn`t trigger the record with cv. I had to go to menu to Ext1 and had to change the settings although it shows that Ext1 is set to record.
    Another time bitbox was freezing, or also total breakdown with loud digital noise. I`m afraid to go on stage with that setting.I have the impression that maybe the new update is too much for bitbox 1 ?

    I want to try different things: first erase the sd card, or try an older firmware version....?
    Has anyone the same problems or an idea what to try.....?

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    Hello, I changed the sd card with the fastest I could get. I have to check it intensvely but I think it works better than the older card. the new one has 170 mb/s for reading and 90 mb/s for writing speed.