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  • Is it possible?

    Is it possible to use the mpc touch to control the bitbox? I've tried hooking it up but get no response from the bitbox... Also tried my mpc 200xl and maschine. So far the only thing that works is the beatstep pro, but I'd like get more steps in a sequence and possibly the beat repeat function from the akai unit(s).

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    All the units you mention support MIDI, so it is possible. How are you trying to connect them? Did you know that the BeatStep Pro MIDI adapter is compatible with Bitbox?

    Please let us know how we can help.


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      I've tried using the midi adapters that came with the mpc touch and the adapters that come with the beatstep. The mpc 2000xl and the maschine both use a full size midi plugs, so I went midi out with the cable plugged I to the adatpter into the bitbox. The mpc touch is similiar to the beatstep and uses an 1/8" plug for the in and out. I just use an 1/8" cable from the beatstep to the bitbox and it works great. Tried using that cable and also the midi cable with adapters from the touch to the bitbox.
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        I also have an intellijel case with midi ports on the rear, and the 1u module. I was hoping to be able to use Ableton as the sequencer with that case/module but I don't think it's possible. Is there anything I could buy that would enable me to use Ableton to control the bitbox?


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          Please make sure that you have the source and destination set to the appropriate channel. Here is some information on the MIDI adapters:

          And here is where you can find the bitbox manual:

          Ableton can also send MIDI so it can drive bitbox. You could use the Maschine as a MIDI adapter for that purpose or another piece of hardware.


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            Awesome. Thanks! I'll give this all a go when I get home.


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              Got maschine working nicely. I had the wrong approach when I first tried. Appreciate the help!