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screen black after new start (only with software versions with brightness control)

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  • screen black after new start (only with software versions with brightness control)

    I hope someone can help me with this problem, i didnt find anything in the forum about this specific screen problem. I tried to update an old synthbox to for example version 3.0 of bitbox. The box works as long as i leave the power on. As soon i close the eurorack power for a longer while , the next time i start the box , the screen is black. Older software versions for synthbox and bitbox without brightness control are working fine ! It only happens with newer versions with brightness control. It seems the program starts , but the screen stays just black ( as of the brightness is set to low ). If i want to make it work, i have to new start and reinstall the program, otherwise it stays black. When i just turn off the power for a short while , it will startup again fine, but when it is completely cooled down not. What can this be ? Everything just works fine , the connections are checked and good .. (Also the brightness control doesnt really work btw. I have a blackbox as well and there it works far better and never gets completely black !)

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    Are you setting the brightness really low? Perhaps that is part of the issue.

    Please know that you can easily reset the global settings by removing the "settings.tml" file in the root of the micro SD card.


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      No , i did not change the brightness, it is at 100 procent and i did not use it at all after reinstalling the program on a new formatted micro sd . So removing setttings.tml will not help. What else could it be ? My SN is : 0020001025 .
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        Hi - I am having a similar issue, but I have not touched the updater in some time. I believe I was current on updating the OS as of July of this year, but I noticed yesterday that my module has a black screen and will not respond despite experimenting with placing in a different bus, using another power cable, etc. My case is otherwise completely normal - the module just seems to be bricked!