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How do I make the Synthbox ouputs play thru the Bitbox...

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  • orbiter
    That did it, thanks Christine!

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  • Christine
    Hi Orbiter,

    The trick here is to set the Rec Mon parameter to "On" for any of the cells in bitbox. This will cause the inputs to always play through the outputs of bitbox. Here's how to do that:

    1. Patch 1 or 2 outputs of synthbox into 1 or 2 inputs of bitbox as desired.
    2. Touch an empty cell in bitbox to select it, then press the INFO button.
    3. Bitbox displays the recording screen automatically. Turn the control knob next to the Rec Mon parameter to set the value to "ON". You should now hear the output of synthbox playing through bitbox, assuming there is something triggering synthbox.


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  • How do I make the Synthbox ouputs play thru the Bitbox...

    Hi everyone,

    Noob question of the day: in Dan’s patch walkthrough video, he connects the Synthbox outputs to INPUT 1&2 of the Bitbox
    and the sound seems to play thru it (the synthbox sounds come out of the Bitbox OUPUT 1&2.)

    What am I missing here? I connected and no sound comes out...

    so far this week I got Toolbox, Synthbox and Bitbox, loving it!

    I guess I’m all-in at this point.
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