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Intermittent Static Noise when touching the dials

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  • Intermittent Static Noise when touching the dials

    Hey guys,

    Wanted to post this on its own thread as suggested by Aaron (running the latest firmware). I get almost like a static sound if I turn the knobs quickly, if I turn the knobs slowly I don't get this sound. The device functions fine, no problems, just a bit of shock (no pun intended - haha!) to hear that type of noise when turning the knob. This module has opened a ton of doors for me and I haven't had a chance to play with any of the other firmware!

    None of my other modules exhibit this behaviour that share the same rack/power. Just a bit concerned that this is actually static electricity and it could damage the device.

    My studio is in the basement of my house and I've never had a static problem in the past.

    Just curious if anyone else gets this static type noise when turning the knobs?


    Ypsi Kid

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    Yes I have the same problem! Like a single ‘tic’ every now and then, especially when turning the left side knobs. I just did a bit more experimentation and the sound is coming from the knob itself (or the general vicinity in any case) and happens a lot more when (gently) pushing or pulling the knob. Not sure if it is static or something mechanical...


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    Just tried again: it’s also there with the power off. So most likely mechanical.


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      Good idea - I'll try this when I'm home as well. Do you find it does it more when you turn the knobs fast? Or is it present all the time?


      Ypsi Kid


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        On mine, it doesn’t seem to be related to how fast I turn, but to how much i push or pull the knob.


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          Just checked mine when it was switched off and I have no noise. The noise only happens when the unit is powered on - so definitely something related to power and not mechanical like your issue. Really hoping this will not effect anything (it hasn't yet). Maybe I need to hook it up to a different power supply to see if that makes a difference (using TipTop uZeus for this row).


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            Aaron - any idea what could be causing this static noise (I don't think it's mechanical as it is not present when the device is not powered). I'll also try different power rails tonight.


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              Originally posted by Ypsi Kid View Post
              Aaron - any idea what could be causing this static noise (I don't think it's mechanical as it is not present when the device is not powered). I'll also try different power rails tonight.
              Aaron is in North Carolina for Moogfest. I think trying a different power source is a good next step. Also try plugging it into a different outlet to see if there is some interference. If that doesn’t work, then please use the Contact Us form on our 1010music website to email us and we will work with you to get you working.

              Also, which firmware version are you running?


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                Where is the noise coming from? The knob itself or is it heard from the audio output?

                If the answer is the physical knob itself, it sure sounds mechanical to me. Please try sliding off the knob by pulling it out and make sure that the nut beneath is tight.

                Thank you


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                  I was testing this last night, and it almost sounds like sticky adhesive between the knob, and the pot. I'm going to try pulling the knob off, and investigating further.


                  • yrn1
                    yrn1 commented
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                    That’s what I think mine has too.

                  • Christine
                    Christine commented
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                    Our faceplates have a clear plastic coating on them when we buy them. The plastic is supposed to be removed before assembly. It’s possible that the plastic was pulled off after the knobs or at least the nuts were put on, and there is some plastic under the knob. The knobs come off with a good tug. There’s a hex nut and washer around the potentiometer (the stem of the knob) that holds the faceplate in place. Try removing the knob, nut and washer and see if there’s anything under there. Take at look inside the knob to make sure there isn’t something stuck in there.
                    Please note that the knobs are keyed, so you will need to align them properly when pushing them back on. It can be a little tricky to get them lined up.