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Sync continuity across preset changes

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  • Sync continuity across preset changes

    Hi apologies in advance if this is covered elsewhere.
    Up until recently I've mostly used Bitbox in a clock-free, ambient way.
    I recently deployed Bitbox in a dance music set, so in each preset, a majority of my loops/sounds were Clips set to sync and quantize to incoming MIDI clock from Elektron Analog Rytm.
    It works great, but when I change presets (like going from one track/song to another one) while the MIDI clock is going, the clips in the new preset will not properly latch to the MIDI clock. I have to stop and restart the Analog Rytm's clock and then the loops in the newly-loaded preset latch fine to the beat. I can do a trick of starting and stopping the clock in time with the music but it's a workaround that's not sustainable for me in the long run. (I'm an internationally performing liveset artist and need to bulletproof as much as I can.)
    Please tell me if...
    - My description of the technical issue does not make sense clearly...
    - It's a matter of user error
    - this can be addressed in bug fix of future efforts
    - In future updates I think a screen button for 'stopping and restarting the clock' just on Bitbox would be useful so that the loops can be re-latched to incoming MIDI clock, rather than having to stop and start the clock flow on the master MIDI clock machine.

    thank you!!
    Paul D/ STRATEGY

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    Hi Paul,

    I can confirm this is a problem in Bitbox 2.1.1 and have added it to the bug list. Thanks for the detailed information.