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Audio monitoring only mono ?

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  • Audio monitoring only mono ?

    I've just figured out that audio monitoring was only mono ?

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    As of version 2.1.1 the monitoring goes to Out 1/2 and follows the input settings. If you set the input to mono, it will go to both outputs equally. If the input is stereo, it will operate in stereo.

    Let us know if you see otherwise.


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      Hum, it doesn't seems to work like this.

      If a sound goes to input 1 only, with Out 1/2 selected for the cell, then it should be only playing the left part right ? Well, it's not the case for me, i ear the same sound left&right


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        Try going to the recording screen and set the input to In1 and that should fix it.


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          Hum, nope.

          What i do :

          - Mono source > Input 1
          - I choose an empty cell and push "info"
          - "In 1/2" is selected, so it should monitor input 1&2 at their respective output but it's not the case, i can ear input 1 into both output
          - Then i choose "input 1", and i can monitor it thru Out 1&2 at the same time (ok)

          What i mean is this : if you choose Input 1/2 at the beginning, you should be able to monitor 1 & 2 at their respective output.


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            OK, the problem is some stale settings. You can work around it by changing the input configuration again. I will log this as a bug.