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How to select & trigger slices - help requested!

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  • How to select & trigger slices - help requested!

    Hi - Not sure what I'm doing wrong so would welcome assistance:

    I have loaded in a set of drum samples (kick & snare) and have sliced them - they are in a single cell on Bitbox. I can step through the slices and all seem to play fine.
    I want to trigger the slices via CV inputs using different voltages to trigger different samples. I don't seem to be able to do this via the Eloquencer sequencer. I seem to be able to trigger a single slice (the first slice in the chain) although even that doesn't seem consistent, it doesn't trigger every time. However, I thought that by changing pitch value in Eloquencer this would select a different slice in the sample chain in BitBox. this doesn't seem to work?

    In addition - when I try to trigger any sample via the EXT inputs nothing happens even though I have trigger set to EXT? I can only get a basic trigger via the input that relates to the specific cell?

    Can anyone let me know what im doing wrong pls? A step by step guide on what is could do to get this working would be really great

    thx in advance


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    You’ll need to have the gate CV patched to the appropriate cell and the pitch CV patched to an EXT input, then in the cell’s info page, touch one of the black rectangles under the “Slice” parameter and assign the EXT as a source and turn it up to 100%. You might also have to transpose the notes coming from Eloquencer down a bit to get to 0V to trigger the 1st slice. I hope this helps!


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      Thx i'll give that ago today and report back