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Bitbox 2.0 + Digitone Midi Sequencing problems

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  • Bitbox 2.0 + Digitone Midi Sequencing problems

    Hey folks, trying to sequence the bit box with the midi tracks on the Digitone and I can't seem to make it work.

    So I've got the Digitone Midi out plugged into the 1010 music midi adapter. The module seems to be receiving clock and the sample triggers via the keyboard on the Digitone but when ever I input a note on the sequencer nothing happens.

    I've got the sample track on the bitbox set to midi channel 5, the default midi channel for midi track 1 on the Digitone. When I set the midi to default the clock still runs but then I get nothing at all keyboard or sequencer.


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    Hi Golfshoe, Bitbox reads MIDI channel 10, so you will need to configure Digitone to output on that channel. It could also be a MIDI adapter issue. See this article for more details on that:


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      Let me expand on that by saying as of version 2.1.1, you can choose the global MIDI channel for bitbox in settings. The default is channel 10.


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        I'm also having issues with midi playback, using deluge, a rockband keytar, and ableton live - nothing shown in the midi debug window. I have read the article and I am if anything only more confused. Is it a matter of needing to buy the 1010 adapter? Is it any different than the 0-coast one? Anyone able to confirm their 0-coast adapter works or doesn't work. Thanks a bunch looking forward to getting this running really hoping I don't have to send it back.


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          Ok so it sounds like I just need the other adapter? I ordered it will report back.


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            Originally posted by intowhite View Post
            Ok so it sounds like I just need the other adapter? I ordered it will report back.
            Yes. The O Coast adapter is different. It looks like you need the other adapter. Let us know if that doesn’t work.


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              instead of starting a new thread im asking here since it's related.
              i want to try using midi instead of cv modulation and thought i'd try with this
              Click image for larger version  Name:	belkin-usb-c-till-3-5-mm-kabel?636916021984183087.jpg Views:	3 Size:	20.1 KB ID:	4395
              is it worth a try for connection to computer and op-z? it's got audio device class support and dac.
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                update: no success using this cable with op-z yet. op-z goes to update mode if connected to bitbox on startup