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  • trouble with sync

    I'm trying to set up my bitbox like a mini Abelton launcher for playing back 1 to 4 bar pre-made loops to supplement the live modular stuff I'm playing. Each track is marked exclusive, and each clip is at least 1 bar long. I've exported the loops from my DAW and set them to Quantize: 1 bar and Sync: 1 bar, and I've turned on looping and toggle mode. I am synchronizing the bitbox over midi from a beatstep pro. The beatstep is set to the same BPM that the clips were created at. So for example, my first clip is a simple kick drum playing on each beat. If I tap the clip, the kick drum should play and loop and keep in time.

    What's happening is the kick plays through the first measure ok, then only plays two beats of the second measure. Then it resyncs back to the beginning and starts over again. It looks like after the first measure it seeks jumps to halfway through the measure and then hits the end of the clip. There are no slices in my clips. Setting the Sync value to "None" works ok, but of course it drifts out of sync. Using values smaller than 1 bar cause it to jump around. How can I get the sync feature to work so my loops are consistent?

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    (tried with 1.2.2 and 1.3beta firmware)


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      I figured it out, my samples were 96K and that messed up the sync algorithm. Since playback of 96K is supported, this is probably a bug (somewhere someone needs to multiply a sync distance by the sample rate )


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        I'm glad to hear you figured it out. I will take a look at it shortly.

        Thanks for the detailed notes.



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          One other issue I'm hearing is the first bunch of samples of each clip seem to be cut off. This means the attacks of my kick loops are getting lost and sound mushy. I've tried playing the loops on my PC and they sound good. I've tried with looping and sync on and off but it always seems to lose the transient.