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  • Controlling bitbox

    Im having some issues with controlling my bitbox and was hoping someone could help me.
    When in slice mode. How can i cv control which slice that plays?
    And is there a way of assigning the slices from a sample to all the cells quickly?

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    Hi Danielcalzon,

    Please check out the user manual to read how to do this. On page 19 it describes how to use a slicer cell. On page 29 under the heading "Use Modulation to Change Slice Selection" it goes into more detail about specifically changing the slice selection. In your case, you can use "TRIG" as the modulation source and plug a CV signal into the jack corresponding to the cell in the grid.

    Have fun with that!
    Bitbox 2.0 Quick Start Guide Take a look at the Bitbox 2.0 Quick Start Guide for a brief overview of the basic functionality of the module. Bitbox 2.0 User’s Manual Read the Bitbox 2.0 User’s Manual to learn how to use all of the features of the module. Bitbox Firmware Bitbox, synthbox and fxbox owners …


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      Hi do you think in the might be a chance of a tutorial video if this as it would be really helpful as even after reading the manual it's not really getting the results I expected