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Bitbox + BeatStep Pro = Peeeeep

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  • Bitbox + BeatStep Pro = Peeeeep

    Hello, I have a little problem related to the BSP. All other trigger sequencers do not produce this sound with gate signal. Only the BSP causes this problem. Is there a workaround for this or is the bitbox defective? I happens with an empty cell and a loaded one, when the Outs rooted to FX Outs but the main outs are in the mixer.
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    I had a similar problem once with a malekko varigate 8, that I later realized was in a different case than the bitbox. Each case was on a separate uzeus. check the way you plug in your stuff, I cant give you any promises but it might be the source of juice.


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      Thanks! But the Problem is with the Beatstep Pro (and maybe its high voltage) and the Bitbox. Any other trigger module work without problem with it.

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    Please refer to this thread for more information.