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touch panel triggering multiple clips randomly when touched

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  • touch panel triggering multiple clips randomly when touched

    Hi, I have built a new case a couple weeks ago, everything was working fine and the bitbox was working just as it always did, Ive been having mine since its initial release.
    I have a lot of coming and the next one is tomorrow, I was testing everything before packing and for the first time ever my bitbox started to act strangely : when I press a clip button it triggers at the same time multiple others clips. I've made a video to demonstrate the behavior. I've tried the bitbox in an other case and it's working fine so I've tried it again in my new case and it does this odd behavior when in the rails but not when it's being powered (by the new case) but held without touching it. I suspected a ground problem, but I am not sure it's that because even warped in plastic / antistatic material the problem appears.
    I have only about 24h to solve the issue and I will be mostly in transportation tomorrow, please help me find a solution or maybe my bitbox is just dying on me : /

    all help welcome

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    I've found something, it's related to the pressure on the upper part of the module :
    I've put it back in the rack without the wood parts shown in the video and it's exactly the same, if I apply pressure on the top part of the module above the screen, then the touchpanel works fine but with no pressure it just triggers random clips


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      same problem with original panel btw