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Bitbox MIDI Note Assignments Issue

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  • Bitbox MIDI Note Assignments Issue

    I decided to try controlling my Bitbox from Drumkat, a classic drum pad MIDI controller. I am seeing some curious MIDI note receiving issues on Bitbox that could be user error, but I'm not certain. Using a MIDI monitor my computer, I configured Drumkat to send on Channel 10 the pads and pedal are sending out notes 36-47. When I plug the Drumkat into Bitbox, the notes 36, 37, 38, and 39 trigger the TOP row of cells.

    In the Bitbox 2.0 User Manual, page 11, I see that note numbers 36-39 should be triggering the BOTTOM row of cells. As far as I can tell, the cells which should be responding to Note#s 48-51 are responding to incoming Note#s 36-39 instead.

    I re-verified using the MIDI monitor on my computer that Drumkat was indeed sending on the correct note numbers. It would appear my Bitbox is assigning note numbers to cells other than as defined in the manual. I have sounds on every cell so I can test.

    If this is related to a known bug that's helpful info. I guess another way to test this would be to plug in a full MIDI keyboard and see which notes are triggering which cells.
    I appreciate any help with this.
    - Strategy
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    I just verified that Bitbox 2.1.3 is playing the notes as described in the manual. It seems like you are off by one octave. Could there be some transposition setting in the Drumkat?

    Also, is your MIDI analyzer showing you the notes in Hexidecimal or Decimal? That could be part of the confusion.


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      So, at the time I posted I wasn't on 2.1.3 -- i don't think. I'm going to try this again with the official firmware release 2.1.3 and double check the analyzer note numbers and post my results.