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Live looping: can bitbox remember polyphony and output settings for cells?

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  • cowboy
    I consolidated this question into a live looping wishlist post here
    Last edited by cowboy; 11-07-2018, 04:41 AM.

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  • Aaron
    Thanks for highlighting this issue. We have some work to do when it comes to live looping. We will keep this in mind for the next update.

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  • SoulTwist
    And the limiter is also very annoying for live-looping (volume drop).
    Because of these limits i'm still using the DLD as looper.

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  • Live looping: can bitbox remember polyphony and output settings for cells?

    When I choose a blank cell into which I want to record a new clip, it remembers my preference of "In 1/2", "In 1", or "In 2" from the last time I recorded. That's convenient.

    However, when I record a new clip or record over an existing clip in a cell via "New Recording" it resets the cell to "Out1/2" and "Poly" regardless of what I had previously.

    Is there a way to set per-cell defaults for output and polyphony that will be "sticky" for that cell? Is there a better way to record clips?

    My use-case is that in a live set, I want to record, say, 4 bars of an instrument into a cell, and once the recording is done, I want it to start looping. And every once in a while, I'll record over the current cell with a new clip. Right now, the just-recorded clip starts looping automatically, which is great, but it sends it out of Out1/2 and not the output I want to use, FX 1.

    How do others do live-looping?