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How do i clear a cell?

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  • Christine
    commented on 's reply
    Thanks for helping out, Sephult. :-)

  • sephult
    Once you assign a cell and it has a sample that you want to clear:

    Enter the Cell info pages, at the top between the Grid picture and the will see the sample type button.
    Where you select "Sample", "Clip", "Slicer" the bottom you will see "New Recording".
    This will empty the cell and default back to the "ready to record" mode you normally see when first selecting a cell.

    This won't actually delete the sample from your SD card, but just remove the sample from the cell and be ready to record or assign a new sample.


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  • Aaron
    When you clear a cell you are unloading the sample. The WAV file will remain on the micro SD card. Let me know if I am missing something.

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  • explosiwe
    started a topic How do i clear a cell?

    How do i clear a cell?

    How do i clear a cell in a preset without deleting the sample that it triggers?
    Can not find any information. Is that even possible?