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trouble with synced loops

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  • trouble with synced loops

    Im using the beatstep pro to trigger synced loops via midi and running into an issue. If i set the beatstep pro's drum lane to gate the sample, the sample waits a full round to then start.

    sample is set at Q: 1 bar S: 1 bar. mode: trigger
    sample is set to play on BSP's step 1 of its sequencer
    if i hit play on the BSP, the bitbox's clock in the corner resets to 1:1, but the sample doesn't then play until 2:1 or 3:1 sometimes.

    the same thing will occur even if the sequencer has been moving along and i go to a lane where the loop is triggered.

    Im not sure if i am doing something wrong, but i do appreciate any help

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    Try triggering the loops a 1/16th early. I think that bitbox is seeing the MIDI trigger just a little too late and then waiting until the next measure start.

    As another option, set the quantization to none and the loop will trigger immediately. Of course, you will also lose the sync features in this mode. But, you may not need them given your arrangement.


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      Thank you. These options worked, but is there no way to trigger a synced sample at the start of the sequence? Is the BSP signal sent slightly after its midi clock?