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  • sample won't play

    Difficult to find a title for this question, however, the problem is simple. I often record a sample (in this case a chord from a synth) which records no problem. In the first instance the sample plays back as a clip straight away - as it should. However, if I then change the sample to sample, then it just won't play/trigger. I can change it back to clip, and hey presto, it works. Or I could go to slicer, and it works. But, it just won't play in sample mode .... but why?

    I'd love to crack this one as it's very annoying, can someone tell me what's either not working, or what have I not noticed that I should be doing? Oh, and just to confirm, the sample is well recorded, good levels etc, so there's not a problem there.

    Thanks in advance.

    BTW, I several samples lined up, but none of them will trigger in the sample mode - no problem in the other modes though!

    UPDATE: I forgot to mention that when I switch the Bitbox Micro off, then back on again, it unfreezes the sample and I am able to trigger it as normal.
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    it is important to include your firmware version (as a number) in order for us to help.


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      Okay, I just also realised my firmware isn't up to date - I'm only running 1.2.3!

      I'm going to try again and come back to you.