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Several bugs on 2.2.4

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  • Aaron
    Thanks for this detailed report. We will take a close look at the bugs you report with deleting in the next several days.

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  • Brayito
    started a topic Several bugs on 2.2.4

    Several bugs on 2.2.4

    Just got my bitbox a week ago, came loaded with the latest 2.2.4 fw.

    Here is what I've found so far about clip playing, I am not interested that much on slicer or sampler:
    • When reseting or changing the clock (cv) the unit stutters and cannot adjust the samples in real time like in ableton, it takes like 4 bars to adjust. (I know this is not a pc but a smoother catch up must be developed).
    • Syncing works fine for the default bar lenght clips, but custom bars, like 3, 5, 6, 7, etc are not supported. (my suggestion is to avoid pitch shifting and stick to a fixed clock 130 bpm in my case).
    • When deleting several audio files at the same time, first file to be deleted on the list doesn't gets erased, I had to rename the file and then deleting can be achieved (the file is not being used or loaded).
    • This erasing conflict also happens when the same clip is loaded twice on the same preset (here the file is just loaded but not playing).
    • This is totally frustrating but sometimes the clip cannot be configured to "toggle" it just gets back to trigger, gate works properly (happened to me when loading the same audio shared by two presets), still dont know how to avoid this problem.
    • Sometimes brightness setting is not saved when restarting.
    Here my thoughts:
    • I think that the user should be able to set the internal bpm clock, and a fixed grid behind the samples can help with the sync problem, just like ableton.
    • I dont think that audio file managing should be done from the cells, a proper independent browser for both presets and user files must be present, because in order to manage sounds, you actually have to load a preset and access them within a cell. This may be creating conflict because files are being loaded/played at that moment.
    • Also, renaming/deleting files that are in use (playing or just loaded) must not be achieved, a pop up has to stop the user from doing this!
    • A nice prompt asking for confirmation before deleting files or presets is needed.
    • There should be a button to "clear" a cell, now, it can only be refilled with another sample or cleared by selecting "new recording".

    Muting works properly, also exclusive mode, audio routing is fine and also resampling.
    I am not planning to use cv or midi whatsoever, just the touch screen.

    You've done a great job and the concept is appreciated, but before bringing newer features, please polish the existing ones.
    Thanks in advance and looking forward for a totally reliable bitbox.

    Ps. Whenever bugs are solved, please add another screen with a mixer controling the 16 gains or maybe just a 4 channel mixer summing the four tracks (columns) and gain meters. A little eq here would be nice.

    Also, saving truncated, reversed and gain for audio files option should be included when file managing becomes solid.
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