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Trouble with sampling

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  • Trouble with sampling

    Hi there. I'm a Bitbox new owner, and absolutely delighted by how easy and usefull this module is.
    I have just a lil' concern.
    I'm a pityfull keyboard player. So, i usually make lot of intents before getting my loop sounding perfectly right.
    Yesterday, i had this message "not ready for rec" after perhaps 50 sampling operations.
    I had to turn my system off for everything to go back to normal. But a while after, the message shown up again.
    looking back in my sd card, it appears that samples recorded then deleted are not purged from the sd card.
    After purging them, no more problems for a while, 'til i reach what seems to be some kind of sampling limit in a session.

    So my question : is there's a way to purge unused sample occurence directly within the box, cos turning my modular off then on make my vco's loosing there temper Or perhaps you have a way to make this sampling limitation not showing up again!

    Thanks in advance for any observations or solutions!

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    Fsuchs, Are you running the latest firmware? If you are running the firmware that came installed, I recommend you upgrade to the latest bits. Aaron's not available right now so I can't confirm if that will address your issue but it's worth a try. The updated firmware is in the Firmware Updates subforum. You have to be logged in to the forum to access the downloads. Be sure to follow the installation instructions at the root of the firmware forum. Let us know if that helps. If not, we can add this fix to the wishlist. Also, you could buy a microSD card with more memory and copy the files over to it. Just be sure that the microSD card is formatted using FAT32 (not exFAT). That would at least give you more play time before you have to stop to clear it out.

    Sorry you are having trouble. Thanks for bringing your cat with you to the forum. :-)


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      Hi! thanks for your reply.
      Don't now if it is relevant, but my unit is originally a fxbox, running the last Bitbox firmware.
      The sd card is 8 gb, and it seems to have plenty memory left. I really feel that the problem sits somewhere in between the way the ram and the SD card are working together...
      All things considered, this issue is not that serious.... at least it forces me to work on my keyboard playing skills

      Norbert (the cat) seems definitely proud to be part of the community
      Have a good day and let me know if you found somethin about this. I will take a pic next time the screen shows up!


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        Sounds like you have the latest bits then. I will ask Aaron to take a look at it.


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          Another point worth mentioning is that you don't have to turn off the module to remove and reinsert the microSD card. However, if you try to use the module while the card is not inserted the module will get confused and complain. It needs the card to store the settings.