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More trouble with recorded loop sync with 1.3.x firmware

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  • More trouble with recorded loop sync with 1.3.x firmware


    First of all, thanks for inventing this great box, it's now an important part of my setup, and I look forward to continued improvements in the firmware.

    With that said, I've been having trouble with the new "play" button during recording, which plays the recorded loop immediately after the recording stops. It's a great and important feature, but when I use it, parts of a multi-bar recorded loop get skipped when played, making it out of sync with everything else that may be going on. More specifically, with firmware 1.3.0, if I use 1-bar quantization and sync, and record a four-bar loop, ending the recording with the new play button, the loop will run through once in its entirety, but on the second go-round will skip bar one and only play bars 2 through 4. Subsequent passes will play the full loop. This is not great at all, as I usually want the recorded loop to be in sync with other multi-bar loops.

    If I use firmware 1.3.2, this problem (skipping one bar of the recorded loop) is less consistent -- sometimes it happens immediately, sometimes after one pass, sometimes not at all. But I find the clock tracking to be very unstable on version 1.3.2. The clock display gets "jumpy", as if it can't decide what beat it's on, and is very bad at regaining sync after stopping and starting the external clock. I'm using an ALM Pamela's New Workout as the clock source.

    Will look forward to guidance and/or fixes on this, and I'll use this opportunity to repeat a wishlist request -- the ability to enable recording via triggers or CV.


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    Thanks for the detailed report. When exactly do you hit play? Have you tried hitting it 1-2 seconds early to give bitbox time to react and switch precisely at the change over?

    Can I assume everything works fine when you are not controlling it with an external clock? This helps us track down the problem.

    Also, please make sure that Pamela's workout is set to one pulse per 16th note.

    Thank you.



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      Many thanks for your quick reply.

      I've just checked, and this skipped bar issue happens even while using the internal clock. To recap, with 1-bar quantization and sync, I start recording a four bar loop, hit "play" as soon as possible when entering the fourth bar of recording (any sooner and recording will stop at the end of the third bar), the loop plays once in its entirety, then once with only bars 2-4, then continues to loop in its entirety. This happens with both internal clock and external CV clock.

      Pam's is set to 4ppqn, and my other comment above still holds -- in firmware 1.3.2 Bitbox's clock is "jumpy" when clocked externally; it seems much more stable in 1.3.0.

      Thanks for looking into this!


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        I can confirm this is indeed a bug. I will add it to our list. Thanks for reporting it. We will fix it the next time we work on the bitbox code, sometime in the next few weeks.

        Take care,



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          This issue should now be fixed in version 1.3.4.


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            I've loaded version 1.3.5, and this issue, as well as clocking issues, seem to be fixed. Thanks!

            Still wishing for the possibility to start/stop/play recording via triggers or CV...