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    till now, I triggered the bitbox with midi ( I noticed a little bit jitter, compared to my other midi Stuff like the analog rytm, is it normal ? ).

    Now i got me a mutable instruments marbel and I have this 4-6 ms delay. Is there anything I can do to avoid this delay? With every other instrument in my setup i have no timing issues. Just with the bitbox?

    how do other people here in this forum are handling this delay?

    thanx Dirk

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    Hi Dirk,
    This is an issue that was addressed in the most recent firmware update. You can download the latest firmware here on the forum:

    Instructions for installing new firmware are here:

    Please let us know if that doesn’t fix it.


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      Hi Christine. Thanks for your answer. Version 2.5.1? Actually I tried it also with this version. Still little jittery midi clock. And Stil 4-6ms Gate Input Delay.
      Or doing I’m something wrong?

      best Dirk


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        The is I am using is 2.5.1 and unfortunately it looks like this:
        1. pure Gate signal
        2. zero coast from this gate signal
        3. Bitbox from this Gate signal
        4. Bitbox via midi ( inkl. Jitter )
        5. Bitbox via midi ( inkl. Jitter )

        i hope there is a way to avoid it

        best Dirk


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          You aren't doing anything wrong. You can expect a few ms of delay. How did you capture this test file?

          Keep in mind that 1ms is the amount of time it takes for sound to travel 1 foot. Most computers use buffers that incur delay in the 1-2ms range. In other words, you are starting to look at timing on a microscopic level and you will see the limitations of digital audio and the way your modules/sound card/test software works.


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            Hi Aaron.

            Thank you for your reply.

            The Test is basicly my setup.

            Midi, analog trig:
            Ableton - multiclock - Cirklon - zero coast (analog trig)
            - bitbox (analog trig)
            - Analog trig (as audio)
            - bitbox (Midi)
            * - Midas fw32 - Ableton ( Monitor off )

            My hole setup is very tight and basically I have jitter far away under 1ms.

            The bitbox with midi has jitter ( I can live with it more or less ). But with analog trig 6ms I can not live with it. 6ms with drums i can hear. That makes the analog trig unfortunately useless for me.

            any suggestions or workarounds?

            how do other people deal with it?

            best Dirk


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              In general, we think MIDI is the answer for this kind of thing. It cuts down on the number of wires, adds velocity and polyphony. We recommend you use it where possible.

              If you really want to run analog, you could send the triggers 4-6 ms early to line up the beats in your setup.


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                Is it a known behavior that analog trigs are 4-6 ms to late? Is it somehow possible to fix it with an update?

                Unfortunately I can shift only my whole cvio from the Cirklon that makes everything else earlier that I can not really do.

                yes I use midi but sometimes I want to trigger the bitbox also with my modular gate sources.

                best Dirk


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                  You can expect a delay of 3-5ms from the time an incoming trigger is received to the time the audio first appears on the output. This has been the way the product works for a long time. Improving this number is a fundamental change and involves several other trade offs, like reducing the number of simultaneous voices. We have professional musicians using this approach in front of large audiences on a regular basis and it is perfectly OK.