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  • touchscreen "issue"

    Hello. I am using bitbox and recently toolbox. This is not a module issue because it works fine with another cases. For this reason I am contacting with Eowave too to find a solution.
    When I press one cell in the touchscreen it shoot other cells in the same row. This behavior doesn't occur when I am touching with my thumb or another finger the front panel.
    The modules are in a Eowave case with a Source d'energie module. the bus board are directly glued to the aluminium boat.
    Here there is a link to a video that shows it. Thanks

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    That is really strange, especially since it is happening on two modules. Did Eowave have any insights? Did you check that the power supplied by eowave matches what the modules need?
    Our modules require a +12V connection. The only other thing I can think to suggest is to check that the ribbon cable on the back of module for the touchscreen is fully seated.


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      Hi, Christine.
      The problem was solved using another PSU. I have received the offer from Eowave to adapt the PSU. I hope it works. I will let you know if finally it works.
      Thanks for the support.


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        I can confirm now that the modified PSU works fine. Thanks for the support!!