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    I wanted to know if in mute mode there is a CC assigned to control them externally with a drumpad or with a beatstep.


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    We don't have external control of mutes. But you can use CV or MIDI to trigger cells on and off. Put a cell in toggle mode, and each MIDI or CV trigger will toggle the playback state on and off. The difference is that each starting trigger would start playback from the beginning.
    You could also use a CV input in EXT 1 though EXT 8 to control the level of a pad via modulation. You could effectively mute something by taking the level low enough.


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      Hi, thanks for answering.

      I have tried both methods and also to put the pad of my beatstep in toggle mode with the volume CC 7 as to activate and deactivate the volume but it does not get the same mode as with the mute mode because when I want to vary also with the control knob the volume changes from one stroke to the value I have in the knob.

      Would it be too much to ask for a next firmware update to implement midi CC in the mute mode and thus be able to do it by sending CC?



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        Do you know of a MIDI CC code that would work for this? There are quite a few requests in our queue. I suspect this feature won't make the cut for the next version but we can keep it in mind for the future.