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problem syncing short loops with ToolBox via MIDI

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  • problem syncing short loops with ToolBox via MIDI

    Hi all:

    I am having trouble with *certain* wav files being used as clips (loops) and getting them to play in-time with the ToolBox sequencer which is the master clock. The ToolBox is sequencing some drums and I have some drum loops in the BitBox. The MIDI out of the ToolBox is sent to the MIDI in on the BitBox via TRS 1/8" cable. The BitBox measure:beat display stays in sync with the ToolBox. However there is a strange lag between the beat being generated by the ToolBox via triggers and the wav clip I am playing on the BitBox. I am manually latching the clip, quantized to 1-measure. The clip is 1-measure long. The ToolBox is set at 120 BPM and the wav file was recorded at 120 BPM and is exactly 2 seconds long. The wav file is 16-bit, 44.1kHz, mono. If I play the wav file looped in Audacity on the computer, it sounds exactly right. When the loop plays on the BitBox while trying to sync to the ToolBox, the BitBox wav clip lags BEHIND the CV triggers of the ToolBox.

    Here is what is really frustrating, in another preset on the BitBox, I have similar loops, the only difference being these wav files are 2 or 4 measures long. These loops play correctly and exactly in time with the ToolBox triggers hitting drum modules. The way I generated all of the wav files is the same; export from Ableton at 120 BPM. The wav files do not have extra time at the beginning before the sound starts, nor do they have extra time at the end. They are exactly multiples of 2 seconds, which is correct for 120 BPM.

    I have a performance tomorrow where I intend to use the BitBox and ToolBox. Is there any solution or workaround that I can try???

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    UPDATE: OK, I updated both my BitBoxes to 2.5.1 and that seems to have fixed the issue. I just ran through a set and changed presets and didn't even recreate anything, it's all just in sync with the toolbox now.

    Looking forward to trying the Toolbox Beta after this weekend.


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      Glad to hear it. Have a fantastic gig.