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  • Poly w/ CV/Gate

    I'm trying to play some overlapping notes with a mono cv/gate input...

    I'm setting the release time long so the sample rings out after i release the key, the samples are overlapping, so there is no issue with the gate triggering polyphonically.

    The problem is that when a pitch is assigned via CV it affects all of the polyphonic layers, so it comes off almost monophonic because all 4 layer change with the pitch modulation.

    I was was wondering if there could be an option in the Pitch CV assignment screen to lock in the pitch value when the gate goes low, so that it plays it's current pitch on the release portion of the envelope. This could also hold true for when the trigger source is set to "trigger" take the pitch value at the time of trigger and lock it in. Poly layers playing out (beyond your control after the gate ends) would maintain their pitch.

    Since this his would be assigned per cv input, you could still have other sources affect the pitch as it did before for pitch bends or what have you.


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    Maybe this make more sense in the Feature Requests.