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File System - something wrong? Does not show all of my samples

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  • File System - something wrong? Does not show all of my samples

    I formated a new card, i overwrote the samples many times, i tried everything, but only 2 or 3 samples, mostly none in my folders are shown.
    I waited over one minute (perhaps it takes longer) - but nothing.

    I use normal samples from different sample cds, all *.wav, mostly 16 or 24Bit from 41 - 48khz, but no difference.
    Amazingly some few folders were shown completly, the ones not shown, there is only the folder visible, but inside they are empty.

    So at the moment it is a stroke of luck, if i can work with own samples.
    Amazingly after formating (a new card) and copying the files new to the card - all the same samples were not shown, just like before.

    But i can not detect any difference between samples shown and not shown.

    So i think there is something wrong with the file system of the Bitbox.

    Please help.

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    Are these a few folders deep? I've run into something similar...I had a few folders deep with many samples and few would show but a bunch of others would not.
    I can't recall but I think I brought the samples up a level in the folder structure. Might have to check with Aaron about, but I thought I was only able to have a few folders deep. I'll try to double check on this...I haven't had to change out my samples since then.


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      That i also thought, in the first time they were realy deep - but the new folder, direct on top level, does exactly the same.
      Something is in the files anyhow.

      Got an idea today, this evening i will look after if they are eventualy write protected or something like that, because they are originaly from CD.

      But if this is it not, i don't know further


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        Please also try connecting the card to a PC or Mac and cleaning up the file system. On Mac, this is called "Disk Utility." On Windows, I believe this is still called Clean Up and is available from Windows Explorer.

        Assuming the problems continue, I would really like to check out your files and see what the problem is. Please drop me a private message and we can make arrangements to get the files.

        Thank you,



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          I found out

          after trying endless with deleting no writes, i tried with shorter names

          THAT IS IT !

          i used my total commander to rename all in folder at once, i set it shorten names to 23 and append a counting number (because of double names).
          and what can i say - all samples functioning, equal how deep the folders are...


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            Glad to hear it. How long were the filenames before the fix?


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              did not count that, for example:

              calabash.agua 11 (85bpm) resonator, transpose, verb.wav

              perhaps it was the "," ?


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                , and the . most likely. Glad you got it figured out!