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Bitbox: Further Midi Problems...

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  • Bitbox: Further Midi Problems...

    Now that i have midi (partialy) functioning:

    I can only trigger one sample (D1 or Nr.38), i tried all Notes on 10 Octaves.

    Only very sometimes a second sample reacts in the near of D1

    But sometimes all samples react on the same note D1 ?

    I don't know what to do, is there something miscalibrated in the sampler?
    I tried with my DAW, with the Deluge and a normal synth - all the same results...

    So i can only conclude, Midi is NOT functioning correct on the Bitbox.

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    Sorry for the difficulty.

    Please try MIDI test mode and let me know what you see. Hold the Home button while powering up. Press info a few times until you see the MIDI display screen. Watch out for the full scale sine wave output along the way. Does what you see on the screen match what you expect? You can send a video if you like.

    Thank you,



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      i will do a video later this evening (your morning).


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        Believe me i am not crazy....

        Today i thought i load a complete set of 909 to fill all slots, and what happens - it plays (nearly) all
        But 4 channels still don't react, but they can not react, because there is no place left between the others i used
        I marked big blocks in the sequencer, upper and below the notes i used - and there is no space between, so i can not trigger them
        So 4 channels (44, 46, 49, 51) i can not use, it is for me not a big problem i could live with that, i use usualy only 1 or 2 and i am happy that it now runs...


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          I'm glad to hear things are working to your satisfaction. Are you sure the samples behind notes 44, 46, 49, and 51 are set to trigger with Quant set to none?

          Thank you,



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            yes, i set all samples the same way (did nothing just loaded, so then they are automatically set to gate & no quant)

            as you could see in the video all notes are set and there is no room between them, to proof that there is nothing below or under this part, i set there big trigger-blocks so if there would be anything it must react - but there is nothing.
            It is as if those 4 notes were laying anywhere between the ones i used, but i am not able to trigger them.
            This, i think, is any miscalibrating or so...

            But i will try further this evening

            And please, it is urgent that there will be an extra site only with mute/unmute every channel, that would make it fantastic for live using ;-)


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              Please set the samples to Trigger. This way if the gate is very short the sample will still play out. Please also check that those notes have a non-zero duration. There could be a problem with very short notes. I look forward to hearing more.


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                I will try, but tomorow


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                  Yesterday i testet the Synthbox first time, btw. a realy nice synth - and there everything with midi is functioning fine...

                  But i will try again with the Bitbox today