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Power cable orientation?

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  • Power cable orientation?

    I purchased a Bitbox used and it did not come with a power cable. I need to know which edge of the power connector header is -12v.


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    I'm sorry your unit was missing the power cable. If you contact us directly we would be happy to mail you a cable.

    Here's the orientation information:
    The connector on the module is keyed so the ribbon cable won’t fit in the wrong orientation. The correct orientation places the edge of the ribbon cable with the red line on the left side of the module when looking at the back of the module with the ribbon connector on the top. Next, connect the other end of the ribbon cable to the power supply for your Eurorack. When connecting to the Eurorack power supply, extra care is needed because not all power supplies are keyed to ensure correct orientation. The ribbon cable should be connected to the power supply so that the edge of the ribbon cable with the red line is aligned with the -12V pins on the power supply bus. When you power up, watch closely to make sure that the module powers up. If the touch screen doesn’t respond right away, turn off the rack and confirm the cable orientation. 1010music modules do contain some buffering to prevent burning out the module but that only buffers for so long.

    Again we apologize for the inconvenience.
    Click image for larger version  Name:	BackWithRibbonCable.png Views:	1 Size:	472.2 KB ID:	698


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      Thanks! Working now.