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Request for "Readme" file with change history between Firmware versions

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  • Request for "Readme" file with change history between Firmware versions


    I do not seem to find any info regarding ALL changes from firmware 1.2.0 to 1.3.6.
    Only a manual for 1.2.0 and some bug fixes/changes from 1.3.0 to 1.3.4&1.3.6.

    Available firmware are 1.2.1*, 1.2.2*, 1.2.6*, 1.3.0*, 1.3.2*, 1.3.6. No info seems to be provided on changes for versions with * . Version 1.3.4 is referenced but not available as download.

    Please provide a change list for each version compared to the previous release and compile them in one file to be added to the respective firmware download zip.


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    Some of the info is scattered around. In January I will make some time to pull it all together. Perhaps it could be an appendix to the user manual.


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      If it is in the download zip with the respective firmwares, that is enough This is for people working with interim firmware releases.
      I suppose as soon as there is a new stable firmware release, the manual will be updated anyway. No need to clutter the manual with changes about interim firmware.