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sync drifts when loading new preset with 1.3.6

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  • sync drifts when loading new preset with 1.3.6

    I'm using beatstep's midi to sync the bitbox clock. Usually everything stays nice and tight between the bitbox loops and my modular (triggered by the beatstep), but only if I stay within the same preset. If I load a new bitbox preset, the sync is lost and doesn't come back in to place until I stop and restart the midi clock. To be precise, it sounds like the tempo is still being synced but the position of the beats is off. So my bitbox drums stay in the right time, but are offset from where they should be. Changing presets works correctly with released versions of the bitbox firmware and only seems broken with the new code. I like being able to have > 10 presets though, so I do like the new firmware .

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    Thanks for the detailed report. We will investigate after the holiday break.


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      This is still present in 2.1.1 beta, so I am stuck using 1.32! Any chance this will get fixed?


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        Thanks for keeping this issue alive. Yes, we do consider it serious and it will get fixed. The only question is when.