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pre-sliced files on Ableton

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  • pre-sliced files on Ableton

    is there a way to create pre-sliced files in ableton that bitbox read?
    i tried to slice a file in bitbox and then open it in ableton but i don't see any cue point


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    Did you try opening the ALS file in Ableton? I believe the slice points are included there. Please let us know if not.


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      found a way to see slice in ableton

      but found another problem
      here the process
      open a track from sd card
      put a sample in a new cell
      create slices as i want

      and now?
      if i simply save i need to create a project folder
      and if i take the .als from inside that to replace the existing file it doesn't work (i think because i don't have the xlm relative to that)

      is the only way to hand slice samples from bitbox?
      how do i export files from ableton ready for bitbox?


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        Hello again,

        Please keep in mind that bitbox only supports export to Ableton. As of version 1.3, it does not support Ableton import. Let me know if this does not answer your questions.



        • filetransferprotocol
          filetransferprotocol commented
          Editing a comment
          Hi Aaron, I’m loving my BitBox so far. I was wondering if there are any plans to investigate adding back this functionality? It would be pretty amazing to get a set ready in Ableton and the just import it into BitBox.