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new file system problems

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  • new file system problems

    i have around 2gig samples on my card, all names cleared (for all deleted signs like +*,-. ...and so on)

    the problem:

    when i start the bitbox, always some directories are simply "empty"

    then i restart the bitbox and some directories, which were empty before, are now there - but now others are empty

    that happens always after restarting the Bitbox, some directories are empty, some are suddenly "back again"

    at the moment i can produce nothing, always are samples, saved for the song, simply "away" by the next start....???

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    Would you please take your microSD card to your computer and run Disk First Aid, or whatever the Windows version is? Make sure your file system is in good working order.

    If that does not help, would you consider making these 2GB of samples available for us to review? I have heard of this problem before but have not seen it myself.

    Thank you,



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      i put it in the PC, no errors found it says
      i put it back in the Bitbox - and everything is there

      yesterday i took it a few times off and looked in the PC if i would have overseen something, always the same...

      i think i will take it no more out of the Bitbox the next time


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        I am having the same problem of directories emptying up during minutes of operation. This has been a problem from the beginning, and no firmware update has yet solved this problem


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          Please tell us more or send us a sample microSD card. I would be happy to pay for shipping. Please look me up via private message or email.


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            I was having a similar issue but the newest firmware seems to have solved it and I haven't had it since. A few times some of the samples I couldnt see turned out to be .aiff and not .wav it's worth double checking if You are a little scatter brained like I am.