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Loop slice options - 1.2.2

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  • Loop slice options - 1.2.2

    Greetings! First post here. Just got my bitbox a few days ago, and I'm experimenting with triggering loop slices from a monome ansible module. Works great after scanning for slices and sending cv in atomic mode. In a demo video, I saw an option to slice a loop into preset slices based on length (1/8, 1/16, etc.). Does that option still exist now that scan and atomic have been implemented? Great features, but for some loops I would still like to just automatically slice it into 16ths note slices. Is there still a way to do this without putting in the slice points manually? Thanks!

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    Hello hypnosapien,

    As of Bitbox 1.3.6, there is no support for a fixed slice grid: You either need to add each one manually or use the automated scan feature. I'm not sure what you saw and sorry you got the wrong impression.

    We are always looking for new features and will keep this in mind. Thanks for posting.