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  • Not Ready to Record Error

    Okay here's what I'm doing
    1) I'm slaving bitbox to an external clock from Eloquencer from Winter Modular

    It seems to work just fine... then, like today... it messes up my loop and then won't record anymore.
    Usually it records when it hears the incoming sound. Now, it won't start. I have to reset my modular power to get it to be normal again.

    2) I arm for record in the bitbox, then press start on my sequencer. it appears to be recording.
    3) I preview the sample, and it feels like it has "swing" or is missing a step or skipping a step?
    4) so I delete the sample.
    5) I then arm it for record again, start the sequencer... and it won't record. It's like it doesn't see the incoming audio for some reason.
    6) I stop the recording... but this time it won't stop... it just keep counting. Eventually it stops.
    7) Now it makes a (0) named sample in the preset box... I go into the sample to delete whatever it just recorded, which is usually nothing
    8) Now it says "Not ready to record" and stays like that until I reset the modular.