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  • Can somebody explain...

    Hello - Can somebody please explain to me in basic terms... How to play different slices of a clip (sample) from a sequencer? Like Rene, or Tempi, or Pressure Points or Circadian Rhythms? I seem to be missing something. Thanks!

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    1. Slice the sample and turn on "Atomic" Mode
    2. Patch your gate CV into the corresponding trigger input
    3. Patch your pitch CV into one of the modulators and assign it to "Slice Sel" and the destination to the appropriate cell.

    Each note should now trigger a different slice.


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      Thanks Dan! Is this the same now with the 1.9.7 firmware?


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        I believe it should be the same, although I haven’t tested it out as I’ve been using MIDI for slicing lately. I’ll test it out today and get back to you,


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          Let me jump in and say that this feature has changed in version 1.9.7 and 2.0. Here is the new procedure to use CV to determine the slice to play:

          1) Load a file into a cell
          2) Press the icon in the upper left corner right next to the file name
          3) Choose the Slicer option
          4) Press info a few times until "Slice Sel" is on the screen
          5) Touch the small black boxes beneath this parameter to open the modulators screen
          6) Choose the CV input you want to specify which slice to play. You can use the 0-5V range for all available slices or 1V/Octave to select a slice per semitone

          Let me also point out that there is now a slice sequencer, which is called Slice Seq. You will need to select a direction and an input to advance the position. TRIG happens on each new note.

          We have a new manual in the works that will explain all of this. We hope to release it next week.

          Thank you for your support.