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Issues when recording a loop into a cell

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  • Issues when recording a loop into a cell

    Autoplay after recording a loop seems to work reliably when the audio in the cell isn't already playing. I have RecToPlay on, Threshold off, and a Length set.

    However, if the cell is already playing audio when I record, it doesn't reliably autoplay when the loop is done recording. Also, the existing cell audio doesn't play correctly while on the "record" screen (before recording starts) either. It would be nice if the existing cell audio continued playing (before recording starts) AND autoplay worked reliably when recording a new loop over an existing loop in a cell.

    I noticed that if you enable "New Recording" on a cell, it clears out the cell even if you don't record. It would be nice if there was a way to keep the audio playing until recording started. That way, if you decided not to record, you wouldn't lose that cell's audio.