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"Trigger Recording via an External Signal" not working in 2.5.1

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  • "Trigger Recording via an External Signal" not working in 2.5.1

    UPDATE: I fixed it. When programmatically generating project XML files, I didn't include the cells for column 4 (the EXT cells), which caused bitbox to not be able to access the EXT cell parameters screen.

    I'm trying to follow the 2.5 manual directions for "Trigger Recording via an External Signal" and it's not working.

    When I touch an EXT cell on the right hand side and then press Info, bitbox doesn't show the parameters screen. Nothing in the UI changes. However, I also can't use the Info button again until I first press the Home button. It's as if bitbox thinks it has entered the parameters screen, but isn't actually displaying it.

    I'm using 2.5.1, and I've power cycled my system and tried loading different presets and tried flipping the UI. No change in behavior that I can see.

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