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  • Record via cv

    Hello, for live performance it would be great to engage record with cv.
    Best K.

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    Just to make sure we are on the same page, you want to start recording for a cell via CV? In this case, would you only use the CV input to start and end recording? Would you set it up like a modulator?


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      I would like to start the recording with a simple footswitch/gate signal. That would give me the opportunity to play an instrument with my hands and start the recording by foot.


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        Just to explore options, would it be useful to have the ability to set a delay start time for recording? For example, you could set an option to start to record in 4 measures. That would give you time to get your hands on your instrument and be ready to play before the recording starts.


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          My opinion would be that would be better than what it is now. Or even make it count out the amount of time it is Quantized to rather than a single measure. I have tried using my guitar and loop with BitBox and you really have to struggle to get in by one measure and be in a groove. The normal guitar looping is to jam a loop for a while and then once you are in a groove try and capture one pass through that groove with your foot controller. I also play penny whistle and have tried grabbing loops with that. It is difficult to get the groove going and then take your hands off the instrument to hit a screen.

          I did not buy BitBox to loop my guitar... I bought it for what it does well. Although, it would be nice to have the options to use my guitar live with it.


          • Kailan
            Kailan commented
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            yes, I totally agree with you.

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          Posted this in the other thread as a proposed workflow:

          1. Arm a cell for record (from a CV trigger, using CV1-4)).
          2. The next trigger input to that cell starts record (using quantize settings).
          3. Record until either another trigger hits or we hit the sample length.
          4. Until the cell is armed again all incoming triggers now play the sample.