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Horizontal scroll or automatic scroll for selected file in File Menu

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  • Horizontal scroll or automatic scroll for selected file in File Menu


    So I have a bunch of files that have really long names, well the pre-cursor is all the same so many files just look exactly the same in the load screen and I can't tell them apart.

    Is there a way to view the whole filename somehow?

    If not maybe one of the knobs can scroll horizontally through the whole name, or better yet too...just automatically scroll the name when selected if bigger than the screen.


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    Hi Sephult, Other people have mentioned this as well. Right now there is no way to scroll through the file name. I can see how it might be handy for the filename to automatically scroll when selected more than say 3 seconds to see the full name. But even that would be cumbersome, as you would have to wait a few seconds for the scroll to start, and then wait for the name to scroll, only to determine this isn't the right file and try again with the next one. We don't want to make the font any smaller, and we can't make the display any wider. We're rather stuck here. We may still consider scrolling, but I'm concerned it's still not an ideal situation.

    The best suggestion I have for you right now is to rename your files. There are tools out there that allow you to do a bulk rename. Perhaps all the files with the same prefix could be moved to a folder and the use the prefix for the folder name, and remove the prefix from the file name.

    May I ask why the file names are so long? Are you storing certain information in the names?

    Thanks for the feedback!


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      Hi Christine!

      Thanks for the response.
      So here is a new fresh idea.
      - I agree with you on the slow automatic scrolling, etc....but most people scroll left.

      How about when selected, and the filename is longer than the screen size....then scroll right starting with the last-most characters!
      If not wider than so many characters then leave it static.
      This would display the filename fairly quick enough to decipher, defeating the long wait to cycle through the same-name files.
      Also one of the big problems is that the scroll doesn't look like it works and you are frozen with common pre-appended conventions.

      Having an automatic scroll would clearly show that the cursor/selection is changing. (or quite possibly a highlight cursor/darkened background with white lettering might help?)

      Just some thoughts!

      Have a good day Christine!