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Wishlist for Live-Looping

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  • Aaron
    Thanks for raising your concerns. We have been answering requests for live looping in a number of ways: Version 2.0.1 has fixed length recording and auto playback of live recording. It also has more flexible routing options for each cell.

    That said, there is always more room for improvement. Also, dedicated looping pedals do some amazing things and might be a better option if that is your primary use case. Could you please tell us more about what kind of pedal you would like to use with bitbox? Are you OK with playing along to a clock? How critical is overlaying versus recording a separate loop?

    Thanks for the help.

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  • Kailan
    started a topic Wishlist for Live-Looping

    Wishlist for Live-Looping

    I have my first tries with the Bitbox and I think it`s a great Looper. That`s what I want to mostly use it for, in a live situation with my Eurorack setup and also to play an instrument. I come back to one wish, I`ve previously expressed, to engage record with cv gate. I found it difficult in a live situation to handle that with the touchscreen and I was wondering if you could do that maybe via midi. Even to switch to another cell with midi or cv would be a great feature but I didn`t figured it out yet. Another thing that`s on my wishlist is a sound on sound option for live sampling, that would be great. I think Bitbox is a great sampler but now I´m in a phase where I don`t know if Bitbox is staying or have to leave.......sorry (only because for my needs)....... if there are any updates planned in the future in terms of more modulating and operating, the Bitbox definitely stays!! Thank`s for your great work (even if doesn`t fit to my needs) !!!!!!!!